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About Desi Diary

This is an effort to put together my personal experiences as desi and share with others.  I felt that once you move outside your country of birth or residence, there is huge cultural, social and personal life change. Be it the food we eat, language we speak, places we visit, clothes we wear, friends we make, occasions we celebrate every aspect of our life undergoes some degree of change, some more than others and/or more for some people than others but we all go through this. Many times we feel strange, uncomfortable or unsure if this is right thing to do and become confused and caught between different identities and cultures.

In my view, we have to understand the fabric of the society to be part of it and best way to do that is to go around different places, have life experiences and understand the culture.

By sharing these experiences, we who going through similar challenge may be able to connect with others  and help each other. It is comforting to know that you are not alone in this predicament as they say ek ekela aur do gyarah. By sharing, we can learn from our own past as well as each others’ experiences.

I encourage other desis around Canada to join me and share any positive, negative or fun experience they had. I’d also request to refrain from any issue based or political or any posts which are in bad taste and hurtful to other members of the community.

Otherwise feel free to register and contribute.