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ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum has three exhibitions: Future World, Floating Utopias and Wonderland. You can choose to buy pass to a single exhibition, two exhibitions or all three.

Floating Utopias was the first exhibition I visited. Floating Utopias showcased gigantic inflatables and explore the history of inflatables. It had few good attractions but it was small. It also felt underwhelming.

The next exhibition was the Future World. This exhibition combined art and technology. I was very excited for this one as I love those kind of things. The exhibition was really cool but I thought it could have been better. They had few interactive activities but they were mostly meant for children. They had an amazing installation in the end though.

The last exhibition was Wonderland showcasing the history of Alice in the Wonderland. This exhibition was unique and interesting. It was my favourite out of all three. They also gave their audience a digital dinner experience in the end. It was really fun. If I had to visit only one of the exhibitions, i would definitely visit this one. If I had to visit two, I would choose Wonderland and Future World.

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