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Bugis Street, Haji Lane, Marina Bay – Night

The first stop of the day was the Bugis Street. It is one of the best shopping place to find cheap and trendy clothes. There are a lot of cheap deals and you can even bargain for a lower cost. I got two skirts for $25 and a hat for $5! Make sure to take lots of cash or carry a NETS pay card as those are the only things they accept. There is also a mall nearby called Bugis Junction if you prefer branded clothes. I tried Laksa at the food court. Laksa is one of the signature dishes of Singapore. It is basically spicy noodles served in spicy coconut curry. It contained fish, chicken and hard boiled eggs. I took out the fish as I don’t eat it. The Laksa tasted amazing though. I also tried padang egglets. Egglet is Hong Kong dish. It was delicious too!

The next place I explored was the Haji Lane. Haji Lane is a very colourful and aesthetically pleasing. The lane also has shopping places but they are expensive as Haji Lane is more of a tourist spot. The food places at Haji Lane looked really cute and pretty. They were tiny, quaint, cultural and had an happy aura around them. I would have loved to eat in at one of the restaurants but it was too early to eat. However, I ended up ordering some takeout food from a Mediterranean restaurant. I got a chicken shawarma which also tasted delicious. There was also a mosque called Sultan Mosque close to the restaurant. We did not go inside but it looked really pretty from the outside. There is a graffiti spot at the Haji Lane for cute pictures.

After walking a bit, I went to our next stop: Orchard Road. Orchard Road is a street wholeheartedly street dedicated to just shopping. The street mostly consists of high end brands such as Gucci, Prada and many more. Obviously, I did not buy anything but it’s a perfect spot if you are able to afford such brands. I walked around the street for a bit and headed to the last spot of the day: Marina Bay.

Marina Bay is mesmerizing at night. All the buildings are lightened up and the view is beautiful. There were fireworks! Every Saturday, Singapore lights up fireworks to prepare for their national day. The fireworks were so beautiful and the view made it even more amazing. There was a light show afterwards. The light and water show is called spectra. They have it at Event Plaza every day at certain times. Check out this website for the timings! I walked up to the Merlion, checked it out up close and just enjoyed the breathtaking view.

Marina Bay – Night

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