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Dairy Farm Nature Park Trail, Little India, Chinatown, Newton Food Centre

Dairy Farm Park

The first place I visited today was Dairy Farm Park Trail. This was part of NTU’s social and cultural integration activity. They had a lot of hiking and biking trails. We went on a hiking trail towards their two main spots. The two spots had really beautiful views. The hiking was exhausting because of the weather. It was hot and humid even though we went in the morning. But, it was also worth it because of the views.

The second spot was Little India. Little India reminded me of India a lot. There were small shops and stalls with bangles, sarees, home decor, bags and much more! Everything was really cheap. I got pants, shorts, home decor material and some souvenirs. They had good deals and you could even try to bargain for a lower price. I also got some Indian Food at one of the restaurants. The food was delicious. There was a temple to visit but unfortunately, it was closed during the time I went there 🙁

The third spot was Chinatown. This time, I bought some souvenirs and actually checked out the temple as well. The temple is really mesmerizing and I definitely suggest visiting it. Just make sure you are dressed appropriately or remember to take the cover ups they provide as your shoulders and legs have to be covered up.

To end our day with dinner, I went to Newton Hawker Centre. This is the hawker centre which Rachel and Nick first visit when they arrive in Singapore. I tried another two local dishes: Chicken Satay and Egg Prata. Both the food items were delicious!

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