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Fort Canning Park + Old Hill Street Police Station

The Fort Canning Park is one of the iconic historical landmarks of Singapore. It has nine historical gardens. Before going to the park, I actually went to the cafe, The Fabulous Baker Boy. It is right beside the park and they are known to have one of the best cakes in Singapore. I ordered a smoothies and a cake. Just a warning, I was really full by the end as I underestimated the size of their cake slice. They provide you with huge cake slices. The cake was really soft, moist and delicious. I loved it. It is an expensive cafe but worth a try!

After a hefty meal, I went to the park. To get the best and most convenient experience, I followed the landmarks on their map. I started with point 1 and went to the last point. The park takes about 1.5 hours to explore. The park showcases history in a very artistic making it interesting and fun. The park is well maintained and really beautiful to explore. The littlest of things at the park was gorgeous to look at.

After the park, I decided to visit the Old Hill Street Police Station. The station is one of the historical buildings of Singapore. I was very surprised when I found out this is a police station because I wouldn’t expect a police station to be so colourful and pretty. This is a really good spot to add to your Instagram shots!

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