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Gardens by the Bay

Before I even start, I will say gardens by the bay is my favorite place. The whole place is beautiful. You are bound to be mesmerized everywhere you walk.

The gardens has 12 attractions and you have to pay for 3 of them – Floral Fantasy, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The standard rate for the two conservatories + floral fantasy + shuttle service is $46. I know it’s expensive but it is so worth it.

I went to floral fantasy first. It was a dream-like experience. The flowers and technology was combined and presented in the best artistic way possible. They also had a 4D ride at the end of floral fantasy which was a really fun experience too! Flower dome consisted of displays of exotic plants from the five continents. They even replicated the cool and dry Mediterranean climate! Floral dome was also showcasing rose romance and it was gorgeous. My favorite place at the gardens was the Cloud Forest. I was in awe of the place the whole time. It was heaven. They had lots of mountain-like views. The place was surrounded by different kinds of flowers, plants and vegetation in general. The waterfall at the cloud forest was breath-taking. The place also showcased some rare plants! If you are only able to pay for one of the conservatories, cloud forest is the one to pay for. It was magnificent. We also other attractions on the way to the three main attractions. They were small but beautiful. There was also a light show at the super grove trees! It was splendid. At night, you also get to enjoy the breath-taking views from the bridge.

Honestly, the whole place was stunning, unforgettable and guaranteed to leave you mesmerized.

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