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National Gallery of Singapore, Asians Civilization Museum, National Museum of Singapore, Chimjes

The first stop of the day was National Gallery of Singapore. The gallery had a lot of interesting content. Me and my friends got lucky and went on a day when the entry to the gallery was free! The gallery had a lot of interesting content. All the artwork at the exhibitions were amazing. My favourite exhibition was the Awakenings: Art in Society in Asia 1960-1990’s. It explores how artists contributed in changing political, social and artistic conventions. The artwork I liked the most depicted oppression of women in society.

After exploring gallery, I went to Asian Civilization Museum. Honestly, this was my favorite museum. I loved it so much. They had variety of galleries: Trade, Tang Shipwreck, Maritime Trade, Faith and Belief, Ancient Religions, Ancestors and Rituals, Christian Art, Islamic Art and Scholars. They were all interesting and worth admiring. They currently have an exhibition going on by Guo Pei. She is known for designing bridal dresses. She is the one who designed Rihanna’s yellow trailing dress at 2015 Met Gala! Even though you have to pay to view the exhibition, I honestly feel it is worth it. The dresses were gorgeous and mesmerizing. I even got to see Rihanna’s Met Gala dress and it is beautiful. After Asians Civilization Museum, we went to National Museum of Singapore. The museum consists of a lot of history about Singapore. It is a great place to visit if you would like to know more about Singapore. The museum is designed in a very creative way. Everything is really pleasing to view and you get to learn a lot at the same time. My favorite spot at the Museum was the Story of the Forest. It explores wildlife of Malay Peninsula through creative technology. It was really fun and amazing. Next stop.. Chimjes.

Chimjes is a chapel and a national monument of Singapore. The wedding scene in the movie Crazy, Rich Asians was shot here so we wanted to check out. We were unable to go inside as its private. However, it was really pretty from the outside. In terms of food today, I tried Kaya Toast. Kaya is basically coconut jam. It is delicious and fulfilling breakfast food. I really liked it. I also tried some Vietnamese Street Food. I got lemongrass chicken rice and that tasted really good too!

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