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Sentosa Islands – Beaches, Fort Siloso Skywalk, Fort Siloso

This was my second trip to Sentosa Islands as the island is huge and there is a lot to do! There are three beaches at the Island: Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach and the Tanjong Beach. I only checked out the Palawan and the Siloso Beach.

I went to the Palawan Beach first. I took the beach tram to the Palawan beach but you could also walk. The beach is huge and it was not very crowded on the day I went. The water was also clean and at a perfect temperature! I spent some time in the water and relaxed at the beach for a while. The Palawan beach also has a suspension bridge which takes you to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia. I went on the bridge and stood at the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia which felt really exhilarating. After spending some time exploring and relaxing at the Palawan Beach, I headed to the Siloso Beach.

The Siloso beach is known as the party beach. All the restaurants and bars are at the Siloso Beach. There are a lot of beach activities to participate at the Siloso Beach like skim-boarding, kayaking and many more. I didn’t try any as they are quite expensive. I had a Singapore sling at one of the bars at the Siloso Beach. Singapore Sling is a gin-based cocktail and a speciality drink of Singapore. The drink was really good so I would definitely recommend trying it out! After walking around the beach for a while, we headed to the Fort Siloso skywalk which takes you to the Fort Siloso. The skywalk provided with some beautiful views. The Fort Siloso was part of Singapore’s defence. The museum contained information and artifacts related to WWII. They had military structures, tunnels, coastal guns and wax figures of the soldiers. The Fort was interesting and informative. I was really exhausted by that time so I feel I did not take full advantage of the fort. However, the parts I did explore were really fun!

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